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APEX Honour Society promotes higher education, cultural exchange, and professional development through its diverse range of scholarships, foreign study programs, and internships. The awards feature carefully chosen services and resources that are combined to help qualified recipients obtain the maximum benefit from these opportunities. Progress is continuously being made to further expand APEX offerings to new destinations around the globe in the near future.

Canadian University Experience (CUE)
* APEX supports selected members to study at a participating Canadian university for one semester.
* Financial support includes: Tuition for a single semester.
* The assistance of APEX professional staff with various areas, from selection of courses to housing needs, is included. Members have a comprehensive instruction experience, complete with academic guidance, practical support, and learning aids.

Canadian Summer Exchange (CSE)
* APEX supports selected members to enter either a full credit course or a language training program at a participating Canadian university for one summer.
* The exchange provides students with an in depth examination of a specific course of interest or intensive classes in English with inspirational professors.
* Financial support includes: Tuition or the program registration fee for a single summer.

Professional Experience Period (PEP)
* APEX and its corporate partners provide the chance for outstanding members to have internships or tutelage under world renowned firms. Students can observe professionals in various fields at work, in addition to completing individual assignments.
* A typical PEP lasts between 2-3 months and involves the students with onsite participation in order for them to learn more about a particular industry or career.
* Students are assigned a mentor who will be their personal source of information regarding that PEP. Mentors are experts in their industries and invaluable in assisting students with job training and career development. Mentors also provide meaningful evaluations of the student's performance during the PEP to allow the student to benefit from positive feedback.
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