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Application Package Series

Job applications broadcast your abilities. They offer the first impression of your qualifications and skills to potential employers without knowing you personally. A well constructed application increases your chances of getting an interview and eventually, a job. This series of workshops highlight the ins and outs of a professional job application package that will give APEX members competitive advantage among other job applicants.

Existing workshop titles include:

Building Your Resumé with the APEX Advantage

There is a high unemployment rate among university graduates in the world. Graduates have found that while they may have the education qualification that employers are looking for, they are lacking in professional experiences. In this workshop, experts will teach you how to structure your resumé so that you can emphasize the skills and experiences you have accumulated through involvement in university extracurricular activities. Additionally you will learn how to optimize your membership in APEX and highlight those achievements so that it can be an outstanding aspect of your resumé.

Resumé Critique Session

APEX will bring in professional experts to critique the resumés of members in a one-to-one tutorial session. Catch your mistakes before employers do! Members will receive personal recommendations and advice on making their resumés a perfect match for their targeted job applications.

Judge the Book By Its Cover

A resumé is not complete without a cover letter. The cover letter is an essential part of your job application as many employers place as much emphasis on the cover letter as they do to the resumé. The cover letter provides a means by which you can introduce yourself and stimulate interest. This workshop provides APEX members detailed step-by-step guidelines of cover letter writing; from the acceptable choices for layout and design to the choice of key words to use.

The Last Puzzle Piece

Like a sandwich, your resumé package will not be complete if you do not have the bottom slice of bread - your references. References are the people who will recommend and endorse you for the job that you are applying. They are your previous employers, your professors, or your mentors. This workshop will teach you how to approach someone about becoming a reference and more importantly, how to build and maintain a relationship with someone who may become a potential reference.

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