APEX Honour Society
APEX Core Values
Member Benefits
Recognition & Distinction
* An induction ceremony is held annually for the installment of new members, marking the formal commencement of their membership. This event is always attended by notable guests and is a special occasion in which family members and the academic community come together to recognize the success of members.
*  Selection and eligibility for APEX qualifies members for scholastic distinction as students of the highest academic rank.
APEX Member Privileges
* Members have exclusive access to a broad range of high quality services which have been specifically developed for them. APEX addresses the needs of its members as undergraduates by providing useful resources such as advisor consultations, information databanks, and international link programs to assist them with their academic pursuits.
Employment Opportunities
* APEX helps members to acquaint themselves with the job market by building connections between themselves and potential employers through venues such as guest speaker seminars, meet and greet events, and internship opportunities.
Professional Skill Development
* Valuable skills, such as strong communication, efficient management, impressive public speaking, effective presentation, and collaborative teamwork can be developed with the many different types of functions and activities that are open to members only.
* Simulated professional environments allow members an opportunity to acquire and practice their skill sets, as in a mock interview or résumé critique session.
Interactive Leadership Prospects
* Positions are available as chapter executives for members to gain leadership and managerial experience by working in a group environment and facing real challenges.
* Organizational and problem solving skills are developed by creating strategic solutions in response to operational questions.
*  Chapter leadership positions provide a forum for intellectual exchange and personal self advancement.
Networking Opportunities
* APEX members benefit from sharing knowledge with other highly motivated students from a diverse range of academic backgrounds.
* Chapter events and activities bring university faculty and student members together in a non-classroom setting which fosters relationships between them.
* Partnerships with international companies enable corporate sponsorship of various awards, internships, and programs.
* Partnerships with global universities facilitate cultural exchanges and distance learning, in addition to chances to study abroad.
* Alliances with student honor organizations around the world provide opportunities for members to connect with other potential leaders.
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APEX Certificate

Every member is awarded a membership certificate at the annual induction ceremony, signifying a lifetime membership in APEX. Attendance at the induction ceremony is highly encouraged, however, for members who cannot attend, simply contact APEX member services at the following e-mail, membership@apexsociety.ca to receive the certificate in the mail.

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