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Leadership Development Series

Many of the most recognized faces in the world belong to those who are leaders in their field. Leaders are where they are because they possess an amazing ability to balance, command, and control. In this series you will learn what makes an effective leader: the practices and commitments of effective leadership, how to build organizational excellence, the importance of emotional intelligence, and how to lead with a healthy and wise demeanour.

Effective Meeting Series

The proper management of meetings requires important skills which are often overlooked and undervalued. In organizations meetings are the most important vehicle for communication. However, without effective planning and execution meetings can be unproductive and time-wasting. Parliamentary procedures provide a uniform method for conducting meetings in a fair, orderly, and expeditious manner. This workshop will teach you how to utilize parliamentary procedures to help you conduct effective meetings. With the right tools, you will acquire the ability to keep meetings on track and productive every time.

Existing workshop titles include:

Parliamentary Procedures I (Rules and Terminology)

Parliamentary Procedures II (Live Simulation)

Parliamentary Procedures III (Case Study)

Meeting Skill Visualization

Successful Meeting Assembly

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