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North American Universities Series

Existing workshop titles include:

Making the Right Choice

Selecting an insitution for higher learning is an important decision. It is a choice that will change how you grow and affect the opportunities available to you down the line. This workshop will teach you how to avoid making the wrong choice by helping you develop your own decision criteria. You will also learn how to research the reputation and ranking of schools so that you can consider this as part of your selection process.

The Application Process

Learn about all the procedures necessary for completing a successful North American university application. Get tips on how to write a good essay, receive advice on how to prepare in advance for application requirements, and understand what admissions offices are looking for in applicants.

Professional English Series

A series that will help you fine tune your English speaking skills for application in different circumstances. As in any other business environment, the professional spoken language is different from the normal colloquial version of a language. The language used in an academic environment also differs from that which is used on a daily basis. This set of workshops aims to help members discern the subtle differences in English used in a normal everyday setting compared to business or academic English.

The Global Trend Series

Existing workshop titles include:

Spotlighting the Finance Industry

Spotlighting the Technology Industry

International Business Etiquette

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