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Established in 1827, the University of Toronto is Canada's largest university, recognized as a global leader in research and teaching. U of T's distinguished faculty, institutional record of groundbreaking scholarship and wealth of innovative academic opportunities continually attract outstanding students and academics from around the world. U of T is committed to providing a learning experience that benefits from both a scale almost unparalleled in North America and from the close-knit learning communities made possible through its college system and academic divisions. Located in and around Toronto, one of the world's most diverse regions, U of T's vibrant academic life is defined by a unique degree of cultural diversity in its learning community. 

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English Language Program Information

About the English Language Program

The University of Toronto English Language Program has been providing language instruction to non-native speakers for almost 50 years. The Program has been in its current form since 1968, making it one of the oldest providers of English as a Second Language (ESL) instruction in North America.

Each year we serve more than 2000 students from as many as 60 countries all over the globe. Individuals come to study for a wide variety of purposes, including: general English; business English; English for academic preparation; and teacher training.

English Language Program’s methodology is based on the fundamental principals of the Communicative Approach to teaching and learning.

People learn a new language by actually using that language. It is important to learn rules and structures, but more importantly, individuals have to be able “to do” in the new language; one has to do reading, listening, writing and speaking to be able to use a new language to communicate and think. To that end, all classes are designed to be both dynamic and engaging: students learn English by talking and writing about their lives and their ideas, and by reading and listening to authentic materials. And to supplement classroom teaching, a wide range of experiential learning activities are offered that make everyday an adventure.

Admission Requirement

To join the University of Toronto English Language Program, you must be at least 18 years old and have some basic understanding of English. Program courses are not suitable for complete beginners in English. University of Toronto English Language Program reserves the right to deny entrance to students not fulfilling these requirements.  Students from APEX partnered Universities will be given preferential consideration for their applications.

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Academic English (12 Weeks)
Prepare for undergraduate or graduate degree studies by developing the English language skills and strategies (writing, speaking, listening, and reading) necessary for academic work.

A final grade of ‘B’ or better in the highest level (Level 60) of Academic English meets the language facility requirements for degree studies as well as for the admission to gradate programs at U of T.

• Earn a Certificate in Academic English from the University of Toronto in Academic English.
• Individualized support and assistance; bi-weekly one-on-one (private) appointments with your instructors to work on your writing and speaking/pronunciation.
• Workshops and counselling appointments to help you complete your university and/or college application.
• More than 20 workshops (in addition to your regular class hours) to help you to target your own academic language development needs, including: Grammar Review, Building Vocabulary; Pronunciation; Technical Writing; Listening Strategies; Speaking Practice and more!
• Lectures and presentations throughout the University of Toronto and guest speakers to help you improve your listening  skills and understanding this new culture.

Comprehensive English (6 Weeks)
Sharpen your language skills, increase your confidence and discover the joy of learning English. Mix and match CORE and FOCUS classes to develop a program of study that is right for you. As you advance to new levels, topics and language skills become more complex.
• Become a confident English speaker: use your CORE class to strengthen your speaking, bolster your listening abilities, and enhance your vocabulary range.
• Choose your own FOCUS class to maximize your learning: select from Business English, Personal Writing, or Speaking Clearly.
• Discover how you can be a better language learner.
• Choose from a range of afternoon workshops and activities to complement your classes and use your English. Afternoon workshops and activities may include Exploring Toronto, Scrapbooking, Film, Grammar Review and more.
• And join the program’s renowned Coffee Chat.
Attend presentations and events within the University of Toronto and throughout Toronto, and benefit from the cultural knowledge guest speakers introduce.

Speaking English (3 Weeks)
This three-week course allows you to work on your speaking and listening skills in a quick, intensive way. Improve your language skills, increase your confidence, and enjoy learning English.
• Become comfortable using English. Your classes will strengthen your speaking, bolster your listening abilities, and enhance your vocabulary range.
• Attend workshops on specific language skills such as grammar, vocabulary, or writing.
• Discover how you can be a better language learner.
• Join our renowned Coffee Chat and delight in using your English.
• Attend presentations and events within the University of Toronto and throughout Toronto, and benefit from cultural knowledge guest speakers introduce.

Speaking English Plus (7 Weeks)
Improve your speaking and listening in this specially designed 7-week summer course: two 3-week intensive Speaking English courses PLUS one week in a customized Canadian Culture course. Speaking English provides challenging and lively classes that prepare you to use English in a wide range of common situations. The Canadian Culture course will run during the week of July 27th - 31st and continue into the second Speaking English course with a final presentation. You will be engaged in both in-class activities and field trips to develop the skills needed to successfully complete the project.

Explore the theme of Canadian culture and see our history first-hand. Use both multimedia and print materials to form your own understanding of Canadian and Toronto culture while using your English language skills to interpret and explain your ideas. This one-week specialized course will allow travelling to two historical destinations with your instructors and learning English in a cultural context. Learn about Canadian and Toronto culture while using language in a context personal and relevant to your own life.

Afternoon Coffee Chat and workshops complement your morning classes. Learn English by having fun in the world's most multicultural city; join us and other students from around the world as you explore Toronto in the summer.
• Apply strategic listening skills to a variety of recorded or live materials, recognize discourse genre and respond appropriately.
• Speak more fluently: initiate, sustain and develop ideas, and respond appropriately to the ideas of others.
• Manage conversation and discussion, and apply acceptable socio-cultural rules.
• Speak more accurately through attention to grammar, pronunciation and vocabulary.
• Monitor your own accuracy and fluency, in and out of the class.
• Explore and describe your personal view of Toronto.

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Living Environment

Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Toronto, located in Ontario, Canada, is the largest city in Canada, the third largest financial centre and the fourth largest metropolitan area in North America.  Toronto is a safe and clean city to live, work and play in.  As the most ethnically diverse city in the world, Toronto is known for its unrivalled array of restaurants, world-class theatre scene, diverse neighbourhoods and year-round sights and attractions such as the CN Tower, the Art Gallery of Ontario, the Toronto Symphony Orchestra, the world renowned Royal Ontario Museum, and the must-see Niagara Falls which is one of the seven wonders in the world, located only an hour drive from Toronto.  Due to its low crime rates, clean environment, high standard of living, and great cultural diversity, Toronto is consistently rated as one of the world's most livable cities by the Economist Intelligence Unit and the Mercer Quality of Living Survey.

University of Toronto Woodsworth College Residence
Students who participate in the English Language Program during the summer can apply to stay at the Woodsworth College Residence at the University of Toronto. The residence features air-conditioned suite-style accommodation with private single bedrooms. Each suite houses four to six residents and each resident has his or her own private room.  In addition, each suite includes two bathrooms, a shared kitchen and living area.

The residence has laundry facilities on the ground floor, 24-hour security, high-speed internet access, common areas and a Residence Life Program of social events—all included in a building that is just steps away from libraries, lecture halls and athletic facilities. Each resident room has a digital telephone set up with free local calling and internal residence call functions, as well as a personal extension and voice mailbox. Long distance calls can be completed with the use of a calling card or long distance provider.

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Degree-Credit Course Study

If you would like to apply to study credit courses at the University of Toronto during summer, please click here for further information.

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