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The concept of rewarding an individual based on achievement is not a new one. From the British Honours System to the Imperial Civil Service Merit System in China, there have long existed forms of recognizing superiority. The honors system was later adopted by universities to commend students for their academic excellence.


APEX Honour Society was founded in 1999 by an assembly of college students and academia in Canada. Together, this motivated group sought a resolution for university students who possessed an exceptional potential to succeed, but lacked the proper guidance and training. Although many honor societies already existed, none were really focused on helping students prepare for their professional debut in the work force. Most honor societies concentrated on recognizing individuals for their academic merits, but did not provide practical applications of their skills and knowledge. With APEX, the founders wanted to provide service and assistance that would transcend the boundaries of traditional honor societies. In addition to distinguishing students for their academic achievements, APEX founders strived to offer students more direction and preparation for the real world. Taking examples from the services that professional organizations provide, such as medical associations and business societies, APEX was shaped to give students a first hand look at how to enhance their academic success for their chosen profession. For instance, students would have access to valuable insight, such as how to prepare for a job interview, and necessary skills, such as management within a team - all of which are aimed at orienting the student towards having a smooth transition between school and work.

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Subsequently, APEX was created, to fill the need for transforming knowledge into action and to breach the gap between student organizations and professional societies. Headquartered in Toronto, APEX has expanded to include offices in the United States, with developments in Singapore, Taiwan, and Hong Kong. The society is geared at being on the forefront of the fast paced, changing professional scene, in addition to the internationally growing academic community. Staff and corporate partners are located across the globe to share their expertise of the dual environments. Advisors are available to consult with students about study abroad options, pursuance of a career or higher education in a foreign country, or other international networking options. Regardless of one's field, professionalism is always required and APEX serves to provide direction in this area through workshops, seminars, and other interactive programs.

Presently, APEX is experiencing rapid expansion, by branching out into educational systems that require assistance engaging professional and academic partnerships internationally. Over 10 universities and 30 corporate partners have associated with APEX; numbers that are expected to rise in the future as APEX grows with the future of tomorrow - a nation's educated youth.

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First Honor Society

In 1776 the first academic honor society, Phi Beta Kappa, was founded in the United States. It was the first society to have a Greek letter name and established many fundamental trademarks for honor societies thereafter: a badge/crest, mottoes in Latin and Greek, a code of laws, and an elaborate initiation ritual.
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