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Dr. Paul J. Perron

Dr. Paul J. Perron

It is truly an honor for me to welcome you to the APEX Honour Society that stresses real and not perceived excellence. You are invited to join a group of highly dedicated and motivated students who are part of the top 5% of all students enrolled in first rank universities.

In a world that reduces most talents to an acceptable norm, APEX's long-term plan is truly intellectually and socially exceptional because it strives to connect academic achievers from around the world and develop leadership qualities and career paths that will better serve the common good of diverse societies around the world. This will provide unique opportunities for personal development of the highest order as the core values to respect, promote, and celebrate diversity through teamwork that leads to innovation are those that can transform societies worldwide.

APEX is a unique international honor society that is founded on excellence and on a real respect for diversity. In counter-distinction to most undergraduate honor societies, APEX actually aims to serve its members through a broad number of initiatives and benefits that will stimulate personal development and societal good.

Paul J. Perron, Ph.D.
Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada
APEX Chairman of the Board
APEX International Headquarters
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